Every home needs to be updated regularly to keep it fresh and functional. So does a company’s brand. Family First Funding’s in-house marketing team has renovated our content, design and company culture to align with our purpose, which is to help you discover yours; as a home buyer, owner, and investor.  We want to help you hit your goals and make you feel at home before, during and after every one of your real estate transactions. That’s why we’re rebranding around our new tagline: “Mortgages with PurposeTM.” 

Getting your family into your dream home is what gets us up in the morning. We want to make your journey quick, simple, stress-free, and educational. Our team will always get to know you before offering you a customized solution for your real estate needs. We know most of you didn’t go to school to study mortgages, so we’ve compiled some easy-to-use resources (minus the confusing jargon). 

Empower yourself to make informed decisions by skimming our clear, concise, informative, and upbeat content. Enjoy our website blog posts and videos, hang our flyers on your fridge, and refer to our glossary of terms when you come across an unfamiliar phrase.


When you visit our website, we don’t want you to feel like you’ve entered a stuffy corporate hub.  We want you to feel at home learning, exploring, and deciding which properties and programs are right for you. Handwritten and sans serif fonts allow us to communicate in a way we would want to be communicated to – as a conversation between friends. 

Enjoy our soft, soothing greys, bold, reliable blues and bright, fresh greens. Have fun opening and engaging with our new emails — they’ll keep you posted on current market offerings. Our logo and color palette were designed to make our communication with you more modern, direct, and uplifting. 

Even before you have your first conversation with a team member, we hope our web pages, brochures, and emails make you feel comfortable and at ease. Our company culture revolves around making a sometimes-confusing process easy and enjoyable for you. Every day our Loan Officers do whatever it takes to help their clients feel at home. 

Our leadership does the same for employees by regularly offering educational opportunities and social events that make work more fun — because the more we enjoy the job, the better we are at it.  We’ll guide you through every step of your journey; answering any questions (no matter how basic) with the patience, support, and sense of humor we share with our own families. 


This video was produced with family in mind. Our own staff’s family members were used as actors, and everything was shot in Toms River, NJ – keeping to our local roots where the company was founded. We believe this video captures why we love to do what we do; giving families a place to hold everything they hold close to their hearts. Want to learn more? Read our official press release.

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