Gabriel Gillen

Gabriel Gillen Photo
Title: President/Co-Founder
Office Phone: 732-505-4600
Mobile Phone: 732-505-4602
Toll-free Phone: 800-542-7895
Fax: 800-996-8302
NMLS #: 151012

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Gabriel Gillen is a New Jersey native, father of 3 amazing children, Brandon, Hailey, and Madison, and husband to a patient and beautiful wife, Neusa.  He returned to NJ from after graduating from George Washington University to put his Entrepreneurship and International Business degrees to work.  Wanting to be in the “Finance World” and having a desire to help others, Gabe worked at a few mortgage banks and brokerages prior to starting his own company in 2009.  Along with his partners Neusa and Scott, their company has grown from a small office consisting of just the three of them to their current staff of over 300 people, 25 different offices, and licensed to lend in over 30 states.  He currently serves on the Board of Governors for the Mortgage Banking Association of New Jersey.

Serving as President of Family First Funding LLC, Gabe is very involved in the success and growth of the company and remains heavily involved in the “Day to Day”.  His passion for business is matched by his desire to stay involved in the success of the community.  As a company their motto is “Treat everyone as Family”. This can be seen throughout the company’s culture as well as their participation within the community.

Over the past year Gabe has dedicated some of his spare time to get involved with the Northern Ocean Chapter of Habitat for Humanity (H4H).  His connection with H4H comes from his maternal grandfather’s love and 20 years of dedication to the organization while living in Princeton, NJ and Winston Salem, NC.  

This philanthropic gene is within him and has helped inspire others as his Family First Funding Staff helped raise over $80,000 and enlist a team to build and erect the walls and support beams for this home.  He has served on the Housing Selection Committee, and personally reviewed income/assets for applications for the H4H Northern Ocean Chapter to ensure they qualify for the income limits based on family size. He also has served on the Homeowner Services Committee for “A Brush With Kindness”, safety repairs for the H4H Northern Ocean County Chapter as we have completed over a dozen each year.

Gabe is excited to have recently joined the Board of “A Need We Feed” as he is impressed by the Mission and loves the opportunity of working with such a great team.  A Need We Feed is on a mission to provide nutritious prepared meals to Veterans, Children, Families, Seniors and the Homeless; we believe no one should have to worry where their next meal is coming from.  With the support of local businesses, charitable organizations, volunteers, and donations we provide to those who have difficulty providing for themselves and their families.