If you don’t fit the traditional loan guidelines, then we have other options for you! Take a look at some of the categories and loan types that we have available below. When you’re ready, fill out a contact form and we’ll get you in contact with a loan officer who can give you more details on the requirements and guide you toward the right product for you.


Niche, Non-QM, and CDFI Bank Loans are available to all buyer types. Family First Funding takes a personalized approach, consulting with each client to make sure that we are matching them with the right loan product for their unique situation.



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Niche Programs

Loan programs with stringent guidelines or programs that are designed for those who meet specific criteria to qualify.

  • Non-Warrantable Condos
  • Portfolio Lending
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Commercial Loans


CDFI Bank Relationships

The CDFI designates specialized organizations to provide financial services in low-income communities where financing access is limited.

  • Stated Income (owner occupied)
  • No Ratio (owner occupied)

Non-QM Programs

Home loans not required to meet CFPB documentation requirements.

  • Bank Statement Income Programs
  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio
  • Foreign National Financing
  • Asset Depletion/Utilization
  • LLC Vesting
  • ITIN Borrowers
  • Limited Seasoning on Negative Credit Events
  • Hobby Farms

What Our Customers Are Saying


What Our Customers Are Saying


Everyone we came across at the company made our process a lot less stressful. They answered all our questions and made sure we handed everything that needed to be handed in on time. Thanks!

Paul K. / Homebuyer, NJ

We highly recommend Family First as they are an amazing team, efficient, honest and always available! Not only would I recommend Family First to my clients, I do use them for our family's mortgage needs!

Lisa C. / Real Estate Agent, FL

Great service, very professional. Highly recommended!

Christofer V. / Homebuyer, TX

Expertise, open communication at all times, and complete confidence knowing that my Buyer was wonderfully serviced and their loan would close!

Laure M. / Real Estate Agent, NJ

It was a smooth process from start to finish and I appreciate the time each of them took to answer any questions I may have had with respect to the process, the paperwork, etc. They were all incredibly kind, helpful, and responsive no matter how small the question may have been, and as a first time homebuyer I am very grateful for that.

Jessica S. / Homebuyer, NJ
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