How to Know if You Are Buying in a Family Friendly Neighborhood
Posted By Family First Funding on Mar 15, 2023

If you are moving to a new neighborhood and have children or plan to have children, it is important to do your research before choosing a place to live. Here are some signs to look for to ensure your new neighborhood is family friendly.

Educational Resources

While you are shopping around for a new home, make sure to evaluate the public schools in your prospective neighborhood and make sure the schools have a good reputation. Also, making sure the school systems are ranked highly is not the only educational resource you need to evaluate. You will want to know the number of daycares that exist in the area, private tutors, and other educational activities for your children.

Outdoor Space

Although we live in a world where technology and being inside is the norm, it is important to find a neighborhood where your children can be outside and in the fresh air. Kids need space to run around and play, and it is necessary that they have a safe space to do so. Being outside fosters creativity, imagination, and happiness in your children. When you are shopping for a home, look for nice backyards, nearby parks, pool clubs, basketball courts, and walking trails to keep you and your children outside and active.

Public Amenities

Make sure your neighborhood offers year-round activities for the whole family. Some activities and opportunities to look for include children’s library programs, after school programs, summer camps, theater programs, and any other activities that will help your children engage with others.


Before you buy a new home, talk to the neighbors, drive through the neighborhood at various times of the day, and ask your real estate agent if there is a big population of children in the area. If there are few children living in your prospective area, you may want to look at a different area to make sure your kids love your new home.

Family-friendly Advertising

As you are doing a drive around the neighborhood and looking online at the town website, pay attention to local advertising in the community to decide if this is a good area for you and your family. Advertisements to look for include:

  • Public parks and schools hosting little league games
  • Sports sign-ups
  • Camps in the area
  • Childrens shows at local theaters
  • Fairs and carnivals
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